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image Tom & Josh's Orgasmic Slabs (The Slabs) was founded in 1996 by Josh Wilson and his cousin Tom Wilson. Tom & Josh decided to start competing at the 1996 American Royal where they received a 7th place honorable mention in chicken for their "Tommy Wings". In 2001, they won numerous top ten awards, but by winning the 2001 Johnson County Barbeque Championship in Warrensburg, MO, they were in the American Royal Invitational and had their names picked from the Jack Daniels World Invitational pool. At Jack Daniels, they received 1st place in the chicken category and 9th place overall. In 2002, numerous top ten awards were earned, Reserve Grand Champion honors at Lawrence, KS; Platte City, MO and Jamesport, MO. The Grand Champion win at the Paola Roots Fest in Paola, KS took the team to the American Royal Invitational and first alternate (and were able to compete!) for Jack Daniels 2002!
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Birds And Bones Rub

Here it is! The Slabs chicken and rib rub! We could tell you how it took 1st at the Jack Daniels World Championship International Invitational and the KCBS Chicken Team of the Year...
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Wow Up Your Cow Beef Rub

Now you can use the rub that helped win Grand Champion honors in Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas, Michigan, Georgia and Colorado, the American Royal Open as well as ...