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Visit our store for tried and tru BBQ products. These are the same products that we, and many others use on the competition circuit
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Welcome to the Home of the "PIT"sburgh Smokers
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Smokin Hot News!
We are proud to announce we have some new product lines that will be available for you to purchase shortly.
We now have Smokin Okys, The Slabs, Blues Hog, Cimmaron Docs and Hopefully Smokin Guns Shortly.
We are hoping our new retail location showcasing all of our products will be open before fall!
This will also be better suited to our training classes.
Check back for update items, and contact us directly to purchase in the interim.
Thanks for your continued support & interest!
Click Here to check out our new intro page! Be patient as it takes a litlle while to load


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Next Event
Keystone Classic BBQ Competition Catch us Next up isour lastt competiton of the year. October 2 & 3 in Harrisburg at the Keystone Classic.
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BBQ Lessons
image The Have you always wanted to make killer ribs and pulled pork? We can show you how in one of our training classes. We can also help you to prepare for the jump to competition BBQ.