"PIT"sburgh Smokers BBQ Team,
like so many, started as a love for backyard BBQ and grew into the desire to compete. As with many, we started with a gas grill, progressed on to a "box store offset smoker" and continue to upgrade our equipment and our love for both BBQ and the desire to compete.
As you'll see from our equipment page, we have made great strides in our equipment and our technique.

Making great BBQ takes a lot of time, patience, and love for BBQ.
You'll notice there aren't any "tips" or "tricks" on this site. These are everywhere so you will have no problem finding them. Please visit our forums and help us to get our new venture, The Southwestern PA BBQ Association off the ground.
Forums are worth absolutely nothing unless people use them, so please help us, and your fellow smokers out there and keep the forums alive.

If you need some help with the basics, please feel free to email us through our contact page and we'll try to help you out.
Please understand, we are competitors so don't expect any trade secrets :)

Updated 3-2-2014